The Project

Project Vitrum, a modern and luxurious villa in Grevenmacher, distinguishes itself from other projects by its extraordinary aesthetics and its unique combination of sustainable materials meeting highest standards.

The project combines in a harmonious and ecological manner the existing with the new and creates a perfect symbiosis between wood, glass and cement. The project is brought to you by RS Promotions in collaboration with New Home Real Estate, FAT Architects and one of the world leading timber construction companies Blumer & Lehmann AG (

Do not miss the interactive 360° panoramic view hereafter and get to know the project in our brochure or by visiting us in Luxembourg-City or in Wasserbillig.


Your perfect new home

Vitrum combines bright rooms and a perfect spot with plenty of space to make your dreams come true. You will proudly share and enjoy the stunning panoramic view over Grevenmacher with your family and friends.


Your perfect new town

Vitrum is located in Grevenmacher offering you many advantages such as short distances to Trier and Luxembourg-City, good public transport connections, a beautiful landscape and lots of cultural and leisure associations. Grevenmacher hosts schools, museums, a cinema and a public bath.



Using renewable resources, a naturally regulated indoor climate and uncompromising aesthetics, its 3-floor construction meets highest standards. In its natural elegance, it offers highest inside and outside luxury and a truly unique living experience in one of the newest and most quiet districts of Grevenmacher. Vitrum has been planned with highest care and diligence bringing you a maximum of privacy.

360-Degrees View

Click on the image below and take a tour through your future home!


Vitrum gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sun on your private terrace which is directly accessible from your living room. Large windows let the sun enter and spoil you with a perfect view all around the upper floor. Last but not least, Vitrum has a particular timber roof construction which is also one of the architectural highlights of the villa.



37ab, route de Luxembourg
L-6633 Wasserbillig

Heures d'ouverture:
09h00 - 18h00